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  • May 20, 2016 10:48 AM | Fahim (Administrator)

    Last week, I was invited to go speak on behalf of AMBC at the Columbus, Ohio PostalMate training. It was quite an experience and my wife & I caught up with some of our friends in the industry as well.

    In addition to explaining about the benefits of an AMBC membership, I also presented some basic social media tips to the audience; most of my presentation was recorded by my wife Seema and I wanted to share a 5 minute clip from YouTube with all of you.

    This particular part of the video explains the importance of claiming your Google Business listing and then working on gaining postive reviews (properly) for your business.

    Thank you as always, for allowing me to be of service.

    With effervescence and mirth,

    Fahim Mojawalla

    AMBC Director of Social Media

  • May 17, 2016 11:31 AM | Marty (Administrator)

    We sell boxes.

    We sell lots and lots of boxes.

    I'm sure this is true for nearly everyone in our industry. Packing and shipping are staple profit centers and many of us make a big deal about our box selection and packaging expertise. It sets us apart.

    In my Marketing with Marty(tm) presentations, I talk a lot about branding; I talk a lot about branding as it relates to our core products and services. When we do a big print job, we present the final product to the customer in a box or tote that has our business name on it, right? When we make a key, we present it to the customer in a little envelope with our brand on it, or on a key ring with our brand on it, right? When we scan a document to email to a customer, we make sure that email has our brand in the signature, right? So why are we so reluctant to brand one of our biggest core products: our boxes?

    Think of boxes as billboards. We pack in them and ship them all over the world. We sell them to customers to take home and they carry them down the sidewalk, through our neighborhood, and into their own neighborhoods. 

    I had some wonderful guests at my shop recently from Express Business Center in Allentown, PA. They came up to share ideas on packaging techniques, and we got into a discussion on packing and marketing. After all, they're very interconnected! How you package items represents your brand--not only in logos, but in neatness of the packing job and aesthetic of the outer carton. So take time and train your staff to package neatly, explaining that each shipment is an advertisement. EBC uses branded tape to seal their outgoing shipments, an idea that I just love!

    Right now, for my branded boxes I print my logo on full sheet labels, four per page. They're cut and applied to each box that we stock, sell, and ship in. This is good for now, but soon I hope to be able to order my boxes already imprinted with my brand.

    As my co-worker and I were labeling our recent delivery of five pallets of boxes, I was commenting on how many more we had "to label." She corrected me and said, "to brand." She was absolutely right!

    Boxes are a good place to start. Before you know it, you'll be branding your tubes, bubble pack rolls, bags of peanuts, and retail reams of copy paper. Oh, the possibilities!



    For more information on Marty, please visit

  • May 09, 2016 10:44 AM | Fahim (Administrator)
    In this post, I want to talk about Originals, a new book by Professor Adam Grant, who talks about people that choose to challenge the status quo of a particular industry and take risks to make that industry better, more innovative and more in touch with the current customer demand. I also want to talk about how social media is a catalyst for originals to test out their ideas without spending a lot of initial capital. Finally, I want to discuss our recent store upgrade and 10 year anniversary celebration at my store, Island Ship Center, on April 5th, and how a tremendous an audience was gained almost entirely through social media. 

    Those with a lot of experience in a particular industry get too comfortable with the way things are, and as a result, resist any changes to the status quo. Such is the argument made by Professor Grant in his new book, Originals, one which I’m currently reading and one that is on Richard Branson’s top 65 best books of all times list.  A perfect quote from this book is as follows:

    “Ultimately, the people who choose to champion originality are the ones who propel us forward. After spending years studying them and interacting with them, I am struck that their inner experiences are not any different from our own. They feel the same fear, the same doubt, as the rest of us. What sets them apart is that they take action anyway. They know in their hearts that failing would yield less regret than failing to try.”

     In our industry, I feel that we are all at this stage of comfortability and need to adopt change and new methods of business growth in order to take our businesses to a higher level of growth and profitability. Social media allows us that platform to test out various services before launching them fully, without investing loads of capital in the initials stages. However, we have to be willing to adopt social media, slowly but surely, in order to recognize new opportunities and attract a whole new generation of clients into our stores.

     For those that have not seen my latest YouTube video on social media, please go to YouTube and type in “Get SMart with Fahim” in the search box and watch that 29 minute presentation, which was first launched in Hawaii at the MBC Veterans Retreat in early April this year.  Many viewers found this video quite helpful in beginning a social media strategy for their stores.  

     I have used social media as a platform for growth in my own store, and recently, my wife Seema and I celebrated 10 years in business on Grand Island. We held a celebration and invited all our guests, mostly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our blog, email and text. We did have some guests that read the local newspaper so we made sure to place one ad in our local Dispatch special edition. On April 5th, the day of the celebration, more than 200 people showed up to our party, and saw the expansion of our store and the remodeled look as well. We have made a selfie wall as well, which has become a huge hit for the Millennials and I urge many of you to dedicate one wall in your stores and make it a selfie wall. We commissioned a local artist to paint a picture of our island, using chalkboard paint, and then, we write weekly inspirational quotes on that board. Kids and adults alike have taken an interest in that wall; they come by our store just to take pics of themselves, standing in front of the selfie wall. It’s awesome! #selfiewall

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