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Why a Master of Retail Shipping Management degree?

Over the years, AMBC members have been taking RSiĀ® classes to improve their businesses. The popularity of the Retail Shipping Institute is well known. Having the certificates on your wall at your store designates you as a professional who knows the value of being current in your field of expertise, and your willingness to invest time and money on your customers' behalf.

Many professionals in many fields who provide an education for themselves receive a degree after meeting the established standard requirements set by the certifying organization. Now you can work toward, and receive, a degree in your field of expertise.  

Education becomes random without a path to specialize in and a goal to complete.  We've structured a course outline that covers the essentials of mastering the mail and parcel business within all aspects of the business.  Our content will not lead our students to a degree, an accomplishment, and a certificate depicting the credibility of the training.

The knowledge that a store owner/operator needs to master the technical aspect is extensive. The knowledge to become successful is far beyond the mastery of the day-to-day operations.

To provide the tools, training, and education for a store owner/operator to reach that level of professionalism, AMBC has established the Master of Retail Shipping Management degree program. Upon the completion of the required hours of the required certified classes and the required hours of the elective classes, you will be awarded a Master of Retail Shipping Management degree to display to your customers that you have dedicated the time, resources and energy to achieve a long term commitment to their service.

This is not for everybody. Only 25% of the population in America is able to complete a college education. It is not easy. Attaining the MRSM will not be easy either, but it will separate you from those in this business who prefer not to learn at the expense of their customers. Your customers will see that you care enough about your service that you have put forth extraordinary effort to become informed, knowledgeable, and competent in your chosen field.

Well worth the effort, the MRSM Degree will be the greatest source of pride on your store wall. You will be recognized among your peers and in your community as an expert and authority in the mail and business industry, and will be honored at AMBC events. It will make you truly shine!

To apply for your Masters of Retail Shipping Management degree, click HERE.

To read the course catalog and learn what you will need to qualify, click HERE.

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